Fees and Disclosures

Amount ProvidedFeeAmount of Check14-Day APR30-Day APR

California law dictates Deferred Deposit Transactions cannot exceed $255.00 for a total check or debit amount of $300.00. The fee is 15% of the amount of the check or debit provided to the lender. 

You cannot be criminally prosecuted or threatened with criminal prosecution for purposes of collecting a deferred deposit obligation. We may not accept any collateral in connection with a deferred deposit transaction. This is a deferred deposit transaction made pursuant to California Financial Code § 23035. This transaction is not subject to California Civil Code § 1719, and you cannot be required to pay treble damages if your check does not clear. The Department of Financial Protection and Innovation toll-free number for receiving calls concerning consumer complaints and concerns is 1-866-ASK-CORP (1-866-275-2677). 

Lender is licensed by the The Department of Financial Protection and Innovation pursuant to California Deferred Deposit Transaction Law, California Financial Code § 23000 et seq.